For The Love of Horses

Olivia is well regarded for her success with "unlikely" dressage horses. From kill pen rescues to retired jumpers, Olivia believes all horses can benefit from dressage training. With time, patience and attention to detail, Olivia has transformed unhappy horses into thriving athletes and loving, furry family members.


From your horse's first rides undersaddle to perfecting their tempi changes down centerline, Olivia is committed to bringing out the best in horse and rider. With an emphasis on the horse's health and well-being, Olivia Frost Dressage leverages the classical dressage training scale to develop horses into safe, sound and happy athletes.  

Half Training-3 days week

Full Training-6 days a week

Training ride- 45 minutes

Trailering in available.

Each program is custom tailored to fit each horse and rider's needs.


Olivia is also available for training rides at your property. 


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